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The Wolzien LLC Approach

Wolzien LLC provides strategic analysis and second opinions for Directors, CEOs and corporate executives in the media and communications industries, as well as the related fields of law, labor relations, business, and electronics.

We specialize in helping our clients understand  the major strategic changes faced by the industry, while realistically assessing the risks and the potential for existing business assets. 

Our approach is a unique synthesis of four decades in media operations, line management, corporate management, securities analysis, television news management, and intellectual property development.

We work to  build ongoing relationships with a very limited number of clients.  We believe that we can provide the most continuing value when we work with senior executives to understand big issues over the longer term (multiple years in some cases).  But, as seen on the Background page, working in crisis situations is not unfamiliar to us.  We can provide rapid, world class analyses and action plans for the most difficult situations. 

As you can see on our Engagements page, we do speeches and seminars at the request of CEOs to help their Boards of Directors and Senior Managers gain a techical and economic context for the major changes their businesses are seeing.  With great expertise in their own areas, sometimes getting an outside view of the broader playing field is useful.

We also provide a unique "second opinion" service in which we work side-by-side with major consulting firms, providing our clients with unique idea generation and an alternate point of view.  Call it an outside reality check.  We do not compete with those firms.  They have extraordinary resources we don't have, and we have a unique breadth of experience that is very difficult to find in one place.  A list of some of the things we do, including our latest "Voices" and "Silo-Busting" approaches can be found on our Services page. 

Thank you for visiting.  You can find copies of speeches and tools, like the Retransmission Consent Calculator on the Speeches & Tools page.  And,  if you haven't already, before you go we hope you will spend a minute to learn more about the Services we offer, a bit about our history and engagements, and the background of Tom Wolzien. 

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(About the Banner Photo:  Dusk or Dawn?  An analysis point.  If you know one thing, then sometimes other answers become clear.  In this case, if you know where you stand in the landscape, you can tell the time.  Please see our Services page for when and where.)