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We draw on more than 40 years of media and communications experience to provide a wide range of services within ongoing relationships. You may find our work in the following areas to be helpful...

Voices:   Our new “Voices” approach helps Chairmen and CEOs get a better, unbiased business view from corporate customers , colleagues, and contemporaries.Sophisticated, neutral party conversations at most senior levelswith executives selected by the Chairman or CEO,form the basis of presentations that resort views by topic, problem, and need.  Now perfected with multiple clients, the approach provides views with insights and bluntness rarely available, in a unique form that helps identify different trends and levels of corrective need.

“Silo-Busting":    In multiple projects now, we have provided a level of cross-divisional  problem solving when silos and culture may previously have impeded getting the job done. We chair and coordinate senior-level cross-divisional task forces formed by the CEO or COO.Using a combination of group data collection and private reporting, we manage the task force and work with individual members to develop a foundation of agreed-upon facts and, at best, a consensus solution, or, at worst, clear understandings of the implications of two decision pathways.The approach takes up to six months and requires a CEO mandate to “go figure it out.”Between that mandate, knowing the business from the trenches up, having lived in worlds of corporate silos, and having no political “skin in game”, we have now brought multiple, difficult projects to successful conclusion.

Strategy & Tactics:  Working with senior management to help identify trends and company/service/product positioning as digital capacity expands.  These services have been provided to content, distribution, and consumer electronics companies.  Working with senior and divisional managements in the short and mid-term identification of problems and potential solutions.

Second Opinions:  Providing senior management with an external point of view on issues, operations, expansions, and contractions, and third party (consultant) recommendations from an independent perspective for their private use only. 

Board of Directors Industrial Updates:  We are retained to provide independent updates for members of the Board of Directors  including an overview of major industrial trends and discussion of how the various players are dealing with those trends.  Presentations are sophisticated, but designed for those who may not be expert in the field.

Senior Management Focus:  Help CEO’s “Leadership Council” of division and staff chiefs see how their areas fit into broader industrial trends and competitive landscapes.

Management Training:  Independent, “reality based” speaker and discussion leader for management training sessions.

Operational Nitty-Gritty:  Applying years of operation experience to give senior management an independent view of a specific business line or division from a broader, industrial perspective. Approach uniquely links daily operating decisions to impact on company earnings and investors. Our work has included cross-company projects involving content production, digitization, production systems, broadband distribution, and financial accountability,  Roles have ranged from serving as the CEO's proxy to chair projects of diverse division heads, to providing neutral research to assure everyone is on the same page to begin decision making processes. A unique byproduct is the ability to look analyze the economic impact of a project, and carry that through all the way to the income statement and company valuation. (The results are often to the surprise of those in the operating unit.)

How Wall Street Media Analysts See Companies:  Using 14 years of Sell-Side experience covering major media companies, we have designed presentations for senior corporate and operational managers to help them understand factors which may influence perceptions of companies by outside investors.  These presentations are designed for those who know media, but may find the ways Wall Street analyzes media companies a bit of a mystery.  While presentations are related to an individual company and its position in the market, they not based on independent analysis of the company.

Street Views and Independent, Pre-IPO Assessment:  Again using Sell-Side experience, we help senior management, investor relations, and outside IR advisors try to anticipate reactions to changes in business models or expansion plans. We also provide Independent, private, analysis of strengths and weaknesses of a company’s operations and related issues prior to going public, including give-and-take with Chairman and CEO typical of what they may experience post IPO. Effectively, this work provides a private "second opinion" to senior executives and directors who often have input only from those who stand to benefit from the "deal," rather than the long term health of the company.  Based on an analyst’s mind-set, the private sessions could help senior managers avoid some post-IPO issues.  (Please note that this work is for directors and senior management only and is to be kept completely confidential by both sides.  Wolzien LLC does do not provide any advice on equity investments for individual or institutional investors or perform any other work requiring a license under securities regulations.)

Intellectual Property from an Operational Focus:  Working with patent attorneys, we help management sort through available IP to determine how their IP, products or processes may fit in.  We are not expert witnesses.

Pure Numbers:  Industrial models from top (economy, consumer spending) down or bottom (business line) up to help inform strategic decisions. Focus on "zero-sum" approach, realizing that one area can't grow rapidly without having negative impact on another.

Related Fields:   Confidential assistance regarding positioning of clients and competitors for entertainment lawyers, agents, trade union leaders, and others in associated fields supporting media and communications industries. 

What We Don't Do:  We would like you to know about some related areas where we have elected not to work.   We do not provide any service requiring licensing under securities regulations, including  "sell side" analysis or other investment advice or opinions to investors regarding public equities or the markets.   We do not provide fairness opinions.  We do not publicly endorse products, systems, or services as part of our work for a client, or produce "research" designed to support positions or products.  We are not in the "expert witness" business.

Thank you for visiting.  Before you go, you may wish to check out a list of some of our engagements, or the background of Tom Wolzien.  We also have a Speeches & Tools page with industry speeches and public models.

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(Answers about the banner photo:  You're standing in the village of Deer Isle, Maine, looking West across Penobscot Bay, so it must be Dusk.  The not too subtle marketing point of the photo--we try to help managements carefully consider where they stand in their changing industries and what resources they have.  With that understanding they can decide if it is the right time to make other decisions about directions for the future.)