Artifacts of Four Decades in Media

While the rest of this site is geared toward marketing, I thought it might be useful to some if there were an archive of a few  of the materials collected over the past four-plus decades. I hope the materials here will be considered historical in nature, rather than proprietary.   Items will be added in no particular order, except as they escape the attic. 

KLZ Time Life Broadcast Newsroom Manual 1968.  PDF of the manual provided employees during the unrest of 1968, including the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy.  In retrospect, a striking example of newsroom planning for then....or now. Manual given me on my first day of work as a summer intern news photographer.  Part A Civil Unrest & Major StoriesPart B Duties of News Editors and Photographers.  Part C Style and Policies.

Dustoff 89''er.  Opening sequence of "Forgotten Soldiers", a short film from video I shot while in the 221st Signal Company, retrieved from the Army archives, and put together after returning from Vietnam in an attempt to put the year behind me. This medivac sequence was shot with two Bell & Howell Filmo cameras from the gunner's seat of a Huey (no machine gunners on medivacs then) and recorded from the aircraft radio. 1970.